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Pet Odor Removal- How To Control Pet Odors

Although our pets can be a wonderful addition to our lives, unfortunately, this also means the addition of certain odors as well. The litany of odors can range from simple "doggy" breath to unsightly stains on your carpet. However, there are numerous ways that you can keep your friend and your house smelling fresh.

For "doggy" breath, you can try feeding your pet specialized treats that are formulated to fight bad breath at its source. These treats will normally contain cholorphyll or barley, which has been proven to reduce bad breath. In addition to fighting your pet's bad breath, these treats may also be effective in blocking body odors and reducing bodily function odors.

Bad breath can be caused a number of factors, from poor diet, dental problems and sinus infections. If your pet has consistently bad breath and you have not had any luck treating it, you may need to take them to a veterinarian.

As we mentioned above, there are several pet odor removal products that work on reducing body and bodily function odors. These treats will normally contain Yucca, which reduces the smell from urine and stools. If you are noticing that your pet is leaving particularly odiferous accidents, you might want to try adding these treats to your pet's daily regimen.

If your pet has had a run in with a skunk, treating the smell can be very difficult. Skunk is one odor that refuses common methods and can linger for months if not completely removed. Popular remedies, such as tomato juice may be effective for a slight amount of spray, but will generally not help your pet if they received the full impact of a skunk's spray.

Instead of using tomato juice, there are a number of products available that use citric acid to remove the oil that is present in a skunk's spray. Since the spray is oil based, it is important to find a product that will actually break down and remove this oil instead of masking it. There is nothing quite as offensive as skunk spray and it is important to treat the affected area as quickly as possible.

For pet stains, there are a number of methods that can effectively remove lingering odors. If you plan to use regular cleaning supplies, please use caution. Many commercial household products contain ingredients that can be harmful to your pet. There are several products available that are formulated with pets in mind to reduce these risks.

Enzymes are commonly used to completely remove odors from pet stains. These enzymes work by penetrating into the stain and breaking up tiny molecules that are causing the odor problem. This is an effective way to naturally remove stains.

Pet owners can now relax knowing that there are a number of viable alternatives designed for efficient pet odor removal that make living with our best friends a little easier. Always make sure to read the labels on any products before applying them to your pet.

Article courtesy of Pet Supplies Review | http://www.pet-supplies-review.com/pet-odor-removal.html

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