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Puppy Nutrition

Puppy Nutrition

The nutritional needs of puppies are very important for proper growth and health! Understanding what your puppy will need can help you make the right dietary choices.

Physical development of a puppy happens in a very short time. Here are some of the major development’s your puppy will incure:

  • Bones and joints
  • Cognitive development and brain growth
  • Muscles developing and growing
  • Internal organ growth
  • Immune system

Your Puppy’s Nutritional Needs
In order for your puppy to grow proper, he or she will need the right levels of nurtition. This includes:

  • Protein – A key building block of muscle, skin, coat, organs and other tissues. During this period of growth, a puppy needs abundant protein
  • Calcium and Phosphorus – Necessary ingredients for healthy bones and teeth. They must be present in the correct ratios to grow bones and teeth correctly
  • Omega Fatty Acids, including Linoleic acid – Provides complete and balanced nutrition, promotes a healthy immune system and helps keep your puppy’s skin and coat healthy

What your puppy eats will need to supply all of these and more. So be sure to READ your dog food labels!

Do’s and Don’ts
Be sure to follow the feeding guidelines. One of the worst things you can do is allow your puppy to become overweight – it has serious health implications.

People food often adds calories and unneeded fat to a dog’s diet, so try to avoid table food as much as possible!

When you change foods, gradually mix the new food in with the old over two weeks.

The puppy stage sets the foundation for a dog’s entire life, so proper nutrition is essential!

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