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Dog Insurance

What is Pet Health Insurance?

If you have even been hit with an expensive emergency bill, you know how expensive emergency dog care is. If you have never experienced a $3000 vet bill, it is a great idea to be prepared for it at any time with dog health insurance!

You can’t predict the future of your pet’s health, but you can prepare for it with a solid pet insurance policy.

Insure Your Pet's Health For Pennies A Day!

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Pet Health insurance can give you the peace of mind that you are covered against unexpected vet bills. Having a pet can be a costly affair when you consider such expenses as food, vaccinations and checkups. But did you know that the cost of surgery can run into thousands of pounds? Would you be able to afford the vet’s bill for major surgery should your pet fall ill or the cost of a claim against you if your dog runs out into the road causing a road traffic accident?

One of the most distressing situations to arise is when a pet’s problem is curable but the cost is too high for the owner to be able to afford, and consequently the animal has to be put to sleep. A less serious situation is when the owner has to opt for the less than best treatment due to money constraints. Obviously with the correct insurance policy these situations are avoided.

Pet insurance can take away the financial worries when a pet is seriously ill. It is often difficult to get insurance for older pets and pre-existing illnesses will not be covered so it is important to think about insurance as soon as possible. It is now possible to pay a monthly premium to insure your pet against veterinary fees.

Pet Insurance is a policy that covers your household pets such as cats and dogs as long as they’re healthy. Whether your dog or cat is mixed breed or pedigree most insurers will cover the animal for the whole of its life.

Pet insurance often covers more than just the vet bills. It can also cover emergency kennelling costs, theft and travel. Like most other forms of insurance, pet insurance has a small excess which you will have to pay on any claim. Vaccinations and routine treatments such as worming and flea treatments are also excluded.

It is often difficult to get insurance for older pets and pre-existing illnesses will not be covered so it is important to think about insurance as soon as possible.

There are usually different levels of cover available where different values or events are covered. Usually the higher the monthly payment, the greater the value of cover and number of aspects covered.

Outlined here are some of the different aspects of cover you need to review such as: Vet’s Fees, Cover for Life, Accidental Damage, Death from Illness, Death from Accident, Advertising & Reward, Theft or Straying, Third Party Liability & Legal Expenses, Boarding Kennel Fees, Holiday Cancellation Costs, Overseas Travel.

Shop around to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible. It is important to choose the right pet insurance but don’t just look at the price, check what is covered under the pet insurance policy and check the policy details in terms of exclusions.

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Insure Your Pet's Health For Pennies A Day!

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